Meet Nava, whose arrival into the world was fashionably late, missing her chance to share a birthday with a princess. Growing up in impoverished Tel Aviv, she longed for a life reserved for royalty. However, a profound realization came during JFK’s inauguration speech—royalty required birthright or marriage, but the American dream was within reach.

With a burning desire for grandeur, Nava set out on a remarkable and unpredictable journey to the USA. She dreamed of a grand staircase like the one in The Brady Bunch, longed to be “kissed in English,” and fantasized about appearing on Good Morning America. Across continents, she encountered a roller-coaster of drama, loss, and joy.

In this true-story-based novel, Nava invites you to join her exhilarating expedition. From Tel Aviv to Los Angeles, via Times Square, Amsterdam, and Rome, her captivating tale weaves alternating emotions of happiness and sorrow. So buckle up, dive into the pages, and prepare to be swept away on a truly personal voyage of resilience, hope, and self-discovery.

About the Author

Nava, born in Tel Aviv, immigrated to the United States in 1982. She is a mother of two sons.

She is an award-winning designer and the founder of Nava’s Designs.

Now retired, Nava enjoys meeting new people, as she believes that strangers are simply friends waiting to be made. She spends time on her lifelong passions of writing, traveling and photography.

It All Began with Caroline has taken her 12 years to write.

About the Author