A Serendipitous Journey: Connections Across Coasts


Chance Encounters from Rhode Island to California

In June 2018, I was on my way back from Boston via the Go Bus. When we made a stop in Rhode Island, a beautiful young Korean-American girl came up and caught my eye. She was looking for an empty seat, and okay, I will be stuck up and say that despite other options, she decided to sit next to me. She smelled fun was coming.

‎‏Naturally, I struck up a conversation because, well, you know… I have a
‎‏reputation to uphold.
‎‏Sally Park, a 21-year-old fashion student attending the prestigious RISD. She was spending her summer in Manhattan, interning at the Eco company.

‎‏As fate would have it, Sally had just bought a dress from a boutique in Rhode Island named Nava that very day. Quite a cute coincidence, I must say.

‎‏I went on to share my plans to meet my friend Dina at the Ace Hotel the next day. To my surprise, Sally’s eyes lit up, and she revealed that it was the very same hotel her parents had stayed in when they visited her. Small world, isn’t it? Although, with thousands of hotels in NYC, it could be chalked up to chance.

‎‏When Dina came to meet me the following day, she brought a thoughtful gift—a butterfly scarf from the Eco company. Of course, it’s all just another amusing coincidence, right?

‎‏I met Sally again for lunch, and she affectionately called me her “New York mom.” It’s funny how she and her family live in Irvine, California, but somehow our paths crossed on the East Coast.
We kept in touch via Facebook and Instagram.
This past week I received from Sally an image of It All Began with Caroline at her home in Irvine, California.
We will meet again in Feb 7th, 2024 my 67 birthday in California .

‎‏At times, I wonder if everything happens to me by design or if I’m simply a social accident looking for a place to happen!

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