Caroline’s Cross-Country Chronicles: Week One in the Wrapped RV adventure


When Memories and People Mingle on a Book Road Journey


My bold-colored Caroline RV rolled to the luxurious home of Elizabeth and Gordon Harris in Newport Beach.
The gate guard, Eric, puzzled by my wrap, told me the following day, “I already know who you are. I googled you and your book. I’m a reader.”
Yeah! One reader added!
Eric informed Elizabeth of our arrival, and she filmed our RV’s first drive up the hills.



Then, Goren experienced his first Super Bowl party. The 49ers and the KC Chiefs were both unknown to him. He asked if Taylor Swift was the girlfriend of the 49ers player.
“No, Goren, big mistake, huge mistake. Her boyfriend is the star of KC Chiefs.”
When Usher performed, I stated that I had designed his first boy baby room, Usher the 5th.
To prove my point and erase doubts, I pulled an old YouTube clip I made 16 years ago. Silence filled the room.


Sally Park, whom I wrote about in my blog before the 2023 war, came to visit me at Elizabeth’s place.
Flowers and hugs were shared, and I loved seeing my imaginary adopted girl.

The following Monday, I got a visit from Ashley, whom I met on a cruise in 2008 when she was 21. She is now married to her sweetheart and expecting her first baby in June.
She came all the way from San Diego to interview me in and around the RV.
I’m so honored that a talented TV personality has taken the time to help me create content for my blog and my YouTube channel.

On Tuesday, we visited Gail and her hubby in their home on the water in Mission Viejo. I met Gail back in 1984 when I was working for Bellini, and she was a wall art creator. Later on, in 1986, I started my company “Nava’s Designs,” and she started “Art for Kids,” a furniture line that always teamed up nicely with “Nava’s Designs.”
We had fun and fame with the nurseries of Jennifer Lopez’s twins, my Dom Pérignon sets to match the drama level.

The same day, we continued and visited Natalia, the girl I was supposed to adopt back in 1994. Another crazy Nava story, which will have its own post later.

The following morning, we visited Louise. Our sons Dale and Ariel were friends in high school. She visited me in Amsterdam back in 2016. We promised to come back in September.

We stopped at our first RV park; it was too cold, but we enjoyed the breathtaking sunset over Caroline.
We celebrated Valentine’s Day at the second home of Elizabeth and Gordon in Palm Desert with my home cooking. Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is the worst day to go out in America, next to New Year’s Eve.

Elizabeth gave me a heart painted with Caroline’s color, and we went shopping at a second-hand store with her convertible Bentley.

Then, we arrived at a park on the Colorado River in Arizona. We spent a fabulous weekend and met new friends, Rose and Dave, as well as Kelly and Betty and their hubbies. Betty and her husband Al took us on a ride on a fishing boat. We were sad to say goodbye but continued to a picnic at a great location overlooking the river.

The next post will be about our next stops: the wild story of Judy and Teddy from Scottsdale, whom we met on a cruise just two years prior, and 44 years of friendship with Phyllis Dymond from Sun City.


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  1. The energy from the book directly brings back people from the past and introduces new ones, shaping a continuing reunion within Caroline’s RV adventure.

  2. Hello, I was referred to you by Debbie Diamond. I stayed with her last week while visiting her mom Babes. Our moms grew up together. While I was with her, I played a few minutes of a podcast show I am one of the hosts for, The Kaptain’s Table. She said I should interview you! I just ordered your book. Our show is on FB and YouTube : The Kaptain’s Table. I can email you a link to one of my recent interviews with an author so you can see if it fits in with your marketing program. Can’t wait to connect. Oh, by the way, I am in Oklahoma City originally from Burbank, CA. We would love you to swing by!

    Sincerely, Dawn Deckman Moeller

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