From Screen to Reality: When My Virtual Friends Turn into My Real-Life Connections

#ginalondon #navawritzbogaard


As promised in my first post, I had lunch this past weekend in Dublin with my newfound stranger waiting to be my friend, Gina London.

‏First off, let me talk about the stunning location she chose, The Shelbourne Autograph Collection. An absolute gem, oozing with class and elegance. What a spot! ‏Totally my kind of princess feel-a-like.

‏I had made a reservation under Gina’s name. The staff treated me like royalty. Well, Gina was a known guest. ‏It felt like I was anticipating a special date. It’s incredible how connections are formed and how the thought of meeting someone can create a flutter of excitement in your heart. Speaking of which, I had set up my phone to capture her entrance, capturing the raw emotion of the moment. After all, preserving memories through photography is a way to relive those special times that can’t be rehearsed in our minds.

#ginalondon #navawritzbogaard

‏Gina texted me that she was on her way to the hotel, and the second we met was truly magical. We had an unforgettable lunch, spending a delightful few hours indulging in great food and decadent desserts, but most of all, stimulating conversation and lots of laughter.

‏I loved how she told me about her answer to Julia, her assistant, who said she liked me: ”I think this woman is absolutely insane.“ ‏It’s always incredible when you connect with someone on a deep level and allow them to share their inner thoughts about you in the most authentic way. ‏I got her a symbolic tiny necklace with words I love: gratitude, passion, and embracing life, a candle of Caroline, and signed my book. She gave me the printed article she wrote about me. We clicked pictures and loved every moment.

‏But I needed to get back to my ship, which docked 25 minutes away. ‏So do you hear this? She offered to take me on a ride. ‏We had such a blast, and I promise to make an effort to help Gina have a good reason to meet in places like Manhattan in September (which I will be) to reaffirm the power of genuine connections, embracing life with passion and deep gratitude.

This morning, I received a heartwarming picture from Gina with the book on a flight to Riyadh, saying, “You are flying with me!”

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