How My Wild Idea Became My New Home


My Book Cover Wraps an RV, Enveloping Me as a Writer

I have not been on my blog since October 6th, and as you know, a lot has happened since October 7th. The horrific events in my country made my book, in my mind, irrelevant.

However, back in June, I told my son-in-law about my wild dream to wrap an RV with the cover of my book, and he shared that his dream was simply to go on a cross-country trip.

In July, I got to speak with Scott, who had a used RV for sale in California. I reminisced with him about my idea to wrap the RV with my book cover and told him I was a writer planning to go on a book tour with my soon-to-be RV. He loved the idea, and we became instant friends. I promised him that if the RV were what he said it was, we would purchase it in September.

Imagine that, in 2023, finding someone who’d trust you without a deposit, without knowing you, just based on a gut feeling. And he ended up being right, as we purchased the RV in September.



My son and son-in-law went on a 5-month cross-country trip, and I was very happy to have made it possible for them. They crossed paths with many of my friends, and I only wanted pictures. They reluctantly obeyed and sent images.



On February 7th, my 67th birthday, we left the RV to be wrapped at the shop of Primary Colors in the Los Angeles area in California. I’ll be honest; I was petrified. What if the result would not elevate Caroline? And what if the job would not be up to par with the level of my expectations? By now, you probably know that I have high expectations. The QR code for my website on the back of the RV would prove to be a brilliant addition.

When we arrived with my son Jordan and his fiancé to pick up the RV the following Sunday, all of us were very surprised with the end result, and I was honored to drive around with my RV wrapped with my book cover.



The same day, we drove to our first stop – a Super Bowl party at my friend Elisabeth Harris’ home in Newport Beach. I’ll tell you about Elisabeth next time, as she deserves her own post.


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  1. Driving around with your book cover on the RV must be thrilling and show everyone your enthusiasm for sharing Caroline’s story with the world! I’m so excited about what Caroline is about to meet and see next and I’m looking forward reading about the nest adventure!

  2. I never had a doubt that Caroline would wrap around that RV and once again Nava’s unique idea becomes reality.
    Cant wait to see you in Boston!!’
    Enjoy the ride Nav and be safe

  3. It came out great! It was so nice chatting with you on the phone today. I wish I could have made it out to see you and your beautiful motor home. Best of luck my friend.

  4. Even the way in which you befriended the guy who sold you the RV— is “so Nava!” I love it! The RV looks great. Go spread the joy, the dream, the hope and the courage -that is “it all began with Caroline”—-one book club and camp ground at a time!

    From: Another one of those friends you ignited along the way. Ginush

  5. It’s inspiring to see someone turn a unique idea into a reality, especially in such a creative way! Wrapping an RV with a book cover and embarking on a cross-country adventure sounds like an unforgettable experience. Best of luck on your journey and enjoy every moment of the ride!

  6. Girl, you inspire me in so many ways! Just looking at your touring home makes me smile! You make me smile! Keep up the hard work and enjoy every minute along the way. I know I don’t need to tell you this but it’s my way of encouraging. Look forward to take a photo of you and your touring bus in front of my donut shop! Safe travels my friend!

  7. Wow, Nava. It looks great! (As does your family)
    So glad it worked out. Our “Turtle” looks very happy in its new life as your book of dreams.
    All the very best!

  8. Nava, you are such a beautiful and special person, free spirit and literally, writing your own life story. I am sure you inspire so many people to follow their dreams and I love you for that! Enjoy the time in your new home and I am sure we will cross paths while you are on the road. Enjoy the ride!!

  9. My dear Navush,
    You know who to bring life into your dreams.
    We can hardly wait to have both of you and the RV in front of our home this summer.❤️❤️❤️

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