The Power of Two Orange Pantsuits Ignites a Tight Friendship


The Rare Pearl I Found in Toronto

In November 2018, my dear friend Orly Carmon from the ORCA organization convinced me to be a panelist at their annual convention in New York. (Another strangers story to follow)

The night before, we went to a Broadway show, Kinky Boots, with her friend Ayala.
I wasn’t having the best night, so I left after the show.
The following day, I found myself seated next to Ayala at the convention’s lunch event. Again, I lacked my usual cheerfulness. So Ayala must have thought I was a snob.

Fast forward to May 2022, after the release of Caroline in Hebrew, I was scheduled to speak at the ORCA convention in Toronto.
Ayala messaged me, “My payment didn’t go through. Can you bring the book?” I promised to bring it.
I got a new eye-catching orange pantsuit.
On the morning of the event, I sent Ayala a selfie of my outfit, “I hope no one else will be wearing orange at the event.” Half-jokingly, but with me, half-serious is enough.

As I walked into the hall, my mood suddenly shifted when I saw a very young woman in a stunning orange pantsuit. It turned out her name was Nitzan, and she was a Canadian-Israeli Instagram influencer with a large following.
The hall was buzzing with ORCA energy; ladies were taking pictures and enjoying themselves.

I saw Ayala entering and going straight to Nitzan, saying, “Oh, Nava, look, Nitzan, my daughter is wearing orange too.” I couldn’t help but wonder why Ayala didn’t “warn” her daughter about my orange outfit and the potential for interfering with my wish for a “solo show.”

I sat next to Ayala and Nitzan, and when I went up on stage to speak, I felt like I was shining in my own mind – after all, I only had one mind to please. Ayala mentioned that she would be in Tel Aviv for her jewelry design sale event in June, and I promised to try to attend.

A day before Ayala’s jewelry sale in Tel Aviv, I was at an annual books event. As I walked around, I heard someone calling my name. I looked over, puzzled, and the young girl said, “Nava, I’m Nitzan, Ayala’s daughter from Toronto.” We had a good laugh, and I took pictures of the young group and sent them to Ayala.

At the open house sale, many girls were trying on various pieces of jewelry, but one lady almost snapped “my lucky charmer” from my hands. Ayala helped me retrieve the piece I loved and said, “Here is yours; she got something similar in silver.” I was thrilled and named the piece “Caroline,” which I now wear endlessly – a beautiful necklace with unique pearls.

Ayala and I started talking on the phone for hours, sharing photos, and she became an incredible promoter of my book. Her husband, Yoav, even took a picture of “Caroline” at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which she shared with her aunt Naa’va.

We’ve stayed in touch regularly, talked for hours on the phone, and she’s been a fantastic support. Ayala introduced my book to her sisters, cousins, and friends and created a “library” for it in her Toronto home.
Many more stories have happened since, but I’ll spare you the details – after all, you don’t have all day. We’ve become great friends and visited each other in Toronto and Tel Aviv. I love Ayala; she’s a beautiful and candid friend of mine. Who would have thought that one orange outfit could spark such a wonderful friendship? So, in my opinion, it’s all your “fault,” Nitzan!

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  1. Hey, Ayala is AMAZING, also she suggested I read your book, I did. It was a very nice read, what a story… Hope to meet you one day… all friends where strangers, before becoming friends… 🙂

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