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I always felt that my book had its own journey. Since the book came out in Israel, I made so many new friends, which I will tell you about later, but today I want to share the story about Gina London.
On March 2023, as I was watching reels and posts on Instagram, I came across her vision. Yep, I call her a vision. Classy, pretty, well-spoken, and smiling.
I recall seeing people on TV and saying to myself, “I want to be their friend.”
When I was younger, it was hard to make that dream come true, but today’s social media life allows us to connect to new people easily.
I sent Gina a private message complimenting her style and asked about her coaching program.
Well, she answered sweetly but clearly straightforwardly that she mainly coaches people of corporations.
I still felt as if I really want to meet her. I wrote her about my life story and my upcoming book in English. She was classy to offer a 20-minute Zoom meeting.
It was scheduled, and we met on the screen when I was on a South American cruise. I felt as if I was meeting a friend; she was so sweet, and I went on talking and talking.
After 20 minutes, she said, “Nava, I like to interview you for the Sunday Independent news of Dublin. “
I was so happy. At least I have another Zoom appointment with her. This time Julia, her assistant, made the appointment for May 30th.
It was 6 weeks away. But Enough for me to get a chance to book a cruise to the British islands in July 2023. Yep, you guessed it, including Dublin, which I have never been to.
On May 30th, I was in New York City, fixing the printed proof version of my English book. I knew that it was coming in a few weeks. She came on the Zoom screen, and I was smiling, giggling, and talking too much as I do when I am excited. But you know, Let’s face it, I always talk too much.
She asked me wonderful questions, and I was in a cloud.
I told her, “Hey Gina, I will be in Dublin on July 22nd. Let’s do lunch.”
She agreed with the generic “I would love to do lunch.” But hey, guys, I am American too. I know in California the term “let’s do lunch” means most of the time I have no intention to do anything with you and basicity saying “see you in another life.“
She hung up the call and promised to update me.
June arrived and gone, but no article. I contacted Julia, her assistant, and I got an answer she was away on vacation. So I contacted Gina again.
Sweet Gina apologized that she had a few topics to write about, and mine will come soon. July 9th came, but no article. I didn’t want to bug her but I asked her where to make a lunch appointment. She gave me the name of a restaurant, and I reserved a place for July 22nd.
Yup, a few days from today.
On July 16th, the article came out, and she sent it to me. I love what she wrote, and you can read her article too.
And this, my friends, is how my connection to Gina unfolded.
So, I will share the images of our meeting in a new post next week.
As I said, strangers are just people on the way to be my new friends.

Gina London: Dream big – and remember, it does no harm at all to model yourself on a princess

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