My Fun Cross-Country RV Journey


Decor Colors To Match My Book Cover


People ask me, “Nava, how can a spoiled person like yourself live in a 25-foot RV?”
Let’s just start with a basic fact: it’s not an easy living quarter, but it is very unique, first of all. I think the knowledge that it’s temporary and just for the time being helps us maximize the fun. The idea was to try to visit as many people I know from my history in the USA as we cross America with a #itallbeganwithcaroline wrapped aqua blue RV.

Arriving in different states became easier without the need to check in and check out at airports, wait for flights, and deal with security lines. And let’s not forget the dreadful task of packing and unpacking.
The time we need to add to each flight in order to achieve arrival to the next city and calculating all these factors helped me conclude that RV is the best way to visit as many states as possible.

I decorated the RV with aqua-colored items.

I got an aqua curtain and bath towels for the tiny shower.

My friends Elizabeth and Sherry created artwork to match Caroline, and my sweet Emily gifted me a goodie bag from Texas.

A basil plant to garnish and flavor my pasta. Yes, I cook in the RV too!
I bake cupcakes in a toaster oven!

We enjoy movie nights in bed with a bowl of popcorn.

The road offers many surprises; many strangers we met, and some we don’t know yet will come into our lives.
So you can enrich your experience not just by telling people about your book but also by interaction. That is unique to the format of RV living, with parks having RVs that are like glamping, which are 60-footers extendable with a dishwasher and a bathtub inside.
I have to admit, seeing a bathtub in the RV made me wish for one.
My next type of RV will be the one with a bathtub.

To all of you who’ve never RV’d before, I would say take a week and try it, like we did. Our first trip lasted 19 days, and I fell in love with the idea. It is clearly one of the best ways to make new friends and see new cities and places I’ve never seen before.
As you know, I’ve lived in the US for 32 years; some of the spots I am reaching were never in my flying route.
I’m genuinely celebrating RV living, and yes, I am promoting it, as I know if people try it with the right state of mind, they will truly enjoy it.

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  1. How did you ever realize you could bake cupcakes in a toaster oven?! I feel like that is Nava magic to discover that!!

  2. Nava, your zest for life is downright inspiring! Your adventures are like a rollercoaster ride of excitement, and it’s utterly fascinating how you turn every lemon that life throws your way into the sweetest, most refreshing lemonade imaginable.

  3. הייתי מוכנה להיות פרפר תוך הקרוון שלכם רק בשביל .
    כל החוויות והנופים
    תהנו ואני נהנת איתכם

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