Rolling Through the Midwest: Oklahoma Missouri and Ohio❤️


Week Three on Part Two Caroline RV Trip❤️

Our third week in the RV took us through three states with a few memorable stops: Oklahoma, Missouri, and Ohio. Sharon, Goren’s daughter, laughed and said, “You guys are crossing three states in two days.” She has a point, but we have many states to cover by September 2024.

Our first stop was Norman, Oklahoma, where we visited Michelle, my son Ariel’s birth sister, and her family. Ariel and Alon are staying with them and may move to Oklahoma.

The whole family ❤️


Dawn ❤️❤️

On Friday morning, my newfound friend Dawn Deckman Moeller recorded an episode of The Kaptain’s Table podcast. As a host, she had never done a face-to-face podcast before. The universe was kind to both of us. This time, the universe brought us Debbie Diamond, our mutual dear friend. I loved the time we shared; the podcast was so much fun. Dawn did a great job, but I need to learn to talk slowly, as I swallowed many words! Her voice is mesmerizing.

One fact that was not on our side was the weather—it was hot and unfriendly. I was up most of the second night because the air conditioning wasn’t cooling properly. Goren went to buy a portable A/C for the RV first thing in the morning—just what we needed in that tiny space!

Goren loved Michelle’s kids, and they loved him right back. We had a fun day in Oklahoma City, including a canal boat tour. Please hold me back from laughing, as the canal is man-made and so far from the Amsterdam canals I know. But we took the local friendly tram loop and ended up at a bar for a family lunch. I cooked a few dishes and played with the children. It was a fun family weekend. Thank you for having us ❤️

Goren loved the Kuds and they loved them right back .
Grandpa Goren❤️

Our next stop was Shelly and Thom’s place in Missouri. They live near a great state park, where we parked the RV and ended up having dinner at their place, paddling in the lake, and enjoying a hot tub with a bonfire to end the first night. The next day, we toured St. Louis, including the Budweiser experience. We visited the famous arch and then said our goodbyes—till next year.

Shelly and Thom

Our last stop was at Andrea, Tony, and Kyle in Ohio, near Cincinnati. I can send you to read in my blog about her sister, Gina London, and her brother, Brad London, But I will say that I “needed” to meet the whole family.
My love for strangers and cooking played a huge role in their home, welcoming us as family members. Their daughter, 18-year-old Kyle, is my new favorite teenager. Nothing about her is typical of teenagers. She is an alpha girl—intelligent, smart, well-spoken, and well-mannered. I was shocked when she kept bringing us ice water refills in the heart of Ohio. So proud of her.


Sweet Kyle ❤️Can you believe it’s a Picture from the first five minutes we met?


Andrea got a friendship warp from me to make sure she will remember me by❤️

Tony and Goren connected so nicely. Andrea, Tony, and Kyle, what a great addition to my friend’s list you are❤️
In all, the whole visit was pure joy.❤️

Our next stop is Richmond, VA, where we’ll see Andrea and Andrew, my old friends from a long time ago. I am also hoping to see Keren and Mary.

The road offers us many choices, and we must make the best of each situation. I am always trying to leave something for people to remember us by.

Till next time.❤️



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  1. This sounds wonderful, but I’ve always said you never meet a stranger! I’m glad you got to see your kids, and all your old friends and making new ones And sharing It all begins with Caroline ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I enjoyed reading about your travels and the people you met and those you reconnected with. Enjoy all the moments. I admire your determination. God bless!❤️

  3. Once again, everywhere you go you reconnect with old friends and make new ones! Like I did with my brother Brad, I am beyond elated that I could introduce and share my sister, her husband, Tony , and their remarkable daughter Kyle with you. I’m so glad for everyone who gets to see your signature blue RV, come their way!

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