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Susan’s Home Book Club

Today, I’d like to share another Nava story about two strangers, one from 1993 and the second from 2022, who connected through me and my book It All Began with Caroline.

In 1993, at the JPMA show in Dallas, I met Elliot Young from Boston “The Baby Place” store owner. I fell in love with and adopted as my number 17th imaginary father. Thank god he liked me, too, and wanted to order Nava’s Designs sets. Still, his daughter Susan was the decision-maker in their store. Let me assure you, she was a hard sell, but you know me by now; I won her over eventually. Susan and I became close and tied friends; she visited me in my home in Tel Aviv, California, New York, and came to Ariel’s bar mitzvah. She was also my dress code advisor. I visited the store, displayed my sets, and hosted a Nava’s Day at “The Baby Place.” I visited Boston many times throughout the years, and we had a great successful business together.

In 1998, I stumbled upon the incredible love story of Susan and Giorgio, an Italian-American who moved back to Italy. Their relationship faced challenges due to the distance, but my matchmaking spirit couldn’t ignore their connection.

In January ’99, I met Giorgio in Florence and knew then that he, too, was crazy about Susan. So, I teamed up with Elliot to surprise Susan on her 50th birthday on a Mediterranean cruise in June ’99. The plan was to have Giorgio pick her up in Livorno, then stay overnight, and we will meet the following day in Monte Carlo. As we waited in front of the Grand Hotel, I witnessed Princess Caroline’s entourage, momentarily distracting me. I wanted to take a picture. Nevertheless, Susan’s and Giorgio’s love won the moment, which I missed.

Now, fast forward to the present, 2022, where another connection took place through Facebook. My friend Gila posted a picture of her son holding my book in Hebrew, catching the attention of Mor, a 28-year-old student of Gila in Israel. Mor moved to Boston to study business. After some arrangements, she received the book from my friend Moshe.
And Mor became my spiritually adopted daughter.

On September 12th, Susan is hosting a book party for It All Began with
Caroline in Needham. Mor is helping her, and they just met at Susan’s home to work out the details.

So you see, It’s these never-ending stories of connections and love for life that thrill me. Watch the Caroline roll-up at Susan’s house – it’s a priceless moment!

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  1. What a fantastic story of connections, friendship and love for life!
    It’s amazing how the journey unfolded from Susan’s book club to connecting through Mor via Facebook that becoming spiritually adopted. The story express the beauty of human bond across time and distance.

  2. גדולה גדולה. תמיד היתה לך אהבה לחיים. רק שלא תזניחי את גורן. ואת ידידיך מימים ימימה

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