The Strangers Who Allowed Me To Be In A Delivery Room


Sometimes, the Strangers I Meet Are as Strange as I

I am trying to maintain the theme of my blog, contemplating how someone can transform from a total stranger into an integral part of your life. ❤️

Today, I want to share the story of Kim Kalosinis, an American-Italian from New York, who entered the screen of my life through an email back in 2005. At the time, I was a baby bedding designer at Nava’s Designs. I used to read emails from end users, so I reached out to her, trying to resolve the matter. Of course, I started chatting my life away. I offered her to meet me at my New York place at an early hour.

Kim is the Marketing VP at an iconic Manhattan textile company. She arrived: tall, with shiny dark long hair, her pink raincoat splashing glamour and confidence. On top of that, she was pregnant with Bally, which instantly captured my attention and stamped her place in my heart. A pregnant girl wearing a pink raincoat possessed my kind of spirit. During our 8 a.m. meeting at my condo in NYC, we designed a twin bedding set for her oldest, Elle, and bonded over nursery designs for her second girl, Ava, and, later on, her two boys. Whenever I came to NYC, we would meet for lunch or yogurt at Bloomingdale’s 40th Carrots. I met her hubby, Billy, her mother, sisters, and in-laws. I even attended Ava’s baby party. We can call each other names, and we will giggle. I call her my younger sister of life.

In 2007, Kim was about to give birth to Tommy, her 3rd boy, and I found myself cooking Trader Joe’s goodies for the family the night before and staying overnight. The following day, October 22nd, 2007, I was in the hospital room with her and her family. It’s still unclear why I was there, but I believe it was one of those things in my life that will be titled by my friends as ‘Only you, Nava.’

I inserted myself in Florida in 2010 to Kim’s birthday celebration with her two sisters. I guess I felt she could use another sister. We’ve shared countless ups and downs, visiting each other in NYC and California, and I cherish every moment of our bond. One fact of life about Kim is she has never flown to Europe, and this week, she will do so for the first time. I am so happy for her, as I believe once she starts traveling, she will never stop. ❤️ As Kim and I visited Manhattan yesterday, we celebrated 18 years of an incredible friendship that has weathered all walks of life. Kim, my beautiful friend, I adore you, your hubby Billy, who gave up his side of the bed so we could have a PJ party one night last year, your beautiful kids, your mom, your sisters, and your mother-in-law. ❤️ Love you, and I know when you say ‘my friend Nava,’ the whole family knows we are here to stay.

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